The objective of this work package is to involve Danish key actors and to consolidate all project results into a comprehensive understanding of the issue and to tailor these results for dedicated dissemination needs. This will include an executive summary of the findings, a policy brief for policy makers, an expert workshop, and a webinar for all interested parties.


DTU Wind (lead), DTU MAN, EA



Task 7.1: Project website

Task 7.2: International expert workshops and webinars

Task 7.3: Stakeholder forums

Task 7.4: Final reporting


    Responsible Delivery month 
D7.1  International expert workshop in Denmark   DTU Wind  M37 
D7.2 Expert webinars  DTU Wind
M9, M21, M29 
D7.3  Stakeholder forum
 DTU Wind  M14, M42 
D7.4  Final (public) report
 DTU Wind  M45