Scenarios and simulation cases


The objective of WP2 is to specify scenarios for the short to long term development of the energy systems connected by the North Sea offshore grid, including offshore grid development in the North Sea, RES generation and storage developments. Provide the data and time series for the system operation studies in WP3 and system adequacy studies in WP4.


DTU Wind (lead), DTU MAN, EA


Task 2.1 Scenario for onshore systems development (DTU MAN / EA)

Task 2.2 Scenarios for offshore development (DTU Wind)

Task 2.3 RES generation patterns and uncertainties (DTU Wind)


    Responsible  Delivery month 
D2.1  Report on onshore energy system scenario   DTU MAN M12
D2.2 Report on offshore development scenarios and RES generation
DTU Wind M18