System operation


The objective of WP3 is to study the impact of the different offshore development scenarios on the secure operation of the future power system and on cost and benefits.

Special focus will be on

  • how the variability and uncertainty from massive offshore wind power development together with onshore renewable generation development will influence the balancing and need for reserves in the Danish power system
  • how the offshore wind power and offshore grid development will influence the electricity markets in future systems with large scale energy storage and coordination of the electricity system with other energy systems (mainly heat and transport).


DTU Wind (lead), DTU MAN


Task 3.1: Spot market analysis (DTU MAN)

Task 3.2 Balancing the Danish power system (DTU Wind)

Task 3.3 Automatic area control and frequency control (DTU Wind)


    Responsible Delivery month 
D3.1  Report on market operation in the Danish power system 2020, 2035 and 2050 cases  DTU MAN M36
D3.2 Report on balancing and automatic control in the Danish power system 2020, 2035 and 2050 cases   DTU Wind  M39